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TRANS: Always

From:Muke Tever <alrivera@...>
Date:Saturday, March 18, 2000, 16:09
From a song I heard the other day ("Always" by the Newsboys):

Take these pieces thrown away,
Put them together from night and day
Washed by the sun, dried by the rain
To be my father in the fatherless days

Jadúno translation:

Juap nem mnlledasco,
Yuy yegalla m'néochi en m'diso
Laurasco d'sáuli, saochasco d'fulro
Juan prerolla druc jiprerescotats.

Pronounced basically as if Spanish.


     juap nem  mn- lled-   asco
     take this PL  scatter VB-N

     yuy  yega[c]- lla m-   néochi en  m-   díso
     join 3PL      ACC INST night  AND INST day

     laur- asco d-  sáuli
     wash  VB-N    GEN sun

     saoch- asco d-  fúlro
     dry    VB-N    GEN rain

     juan-  prero- lla d-  ruc ji- prer-  esco- ta- ts
     become father ACC GEN 1SG NEG father ADJ-N ESS TEMP

I don't know what you call the N suffix (-sco).  Basically it turns a verb
(a-) or an adjective (e-) back into a noun.
ESS TEMP (-tats) is a case marker roughly meaning "in the time of".


Take these scattered,
Join them with night and with day
The sun's washed, the rain's dried
Be my father in unfatherly time.


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