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Der Kaiser wird stoltz auf dich sein!

From:B E Walker <umwalk05@...>
Date:Monday, May 14, 2001, 5:15
Hullo there, it's me again.

I Come Forward On My Belly To Yous Asking Questions:

              I would like to know more about tonal systems in natlangs. I
know there's alot of yous oat there in conlangland that have chinese and
such things. Could yous suggest some readings on tone systems and tone
sandhi? It would be much appreciated.

             Also, in a 2-tone (level) system, how far apart is the low from
the high? A 3rd? A 5th? My only aural experience with a tonal language comes
from Cantonese-speaking students on my campus, so that's not much of a guide
for what i want to do.


Peregrinus, expectavi pedes meos in cymbalis.
B. E. Walker