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Re: Putting the J in Sleep

From:Arnt Richard Johansen <arj@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 10, 2004, 15:46
On Wed, 10 Nov 2004, Steg Belsky wrote:

> So, has anyone ever come up with a conlang where the pronunciation of > individual phonemes varies by some seemingly-arbitrary variable, like > the time of day? Or the dominant color of the speaker's surroundings? > Or what the speaker ate for lunch? Or...?
ANAD(EW). In Chukchi, a possible language isolate spoken in Chokotka in Eastern Siberia, the phoneme /k/ is pronounced differently depending on whether the speaker is male or female. -- Arnt Richard Johansen "And, while it's possible that TiVo has grokked usability simply because my thought waves emanate as I pass its headquarters en route to my favorite Indian restaurant each week, the more likely explanation is that Silicon Valley has been permeated with the seeds of a usability culture over the past five years." --Jakob Nielsen


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