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Re: "write him" was Re: More questions

From:Stephen Mulraney <ataltanie@...>
Date:Monday, December 1, 2003, 19:18
Garth Wallace wrote:
> Stephen Mulraney wrote: > >> John Cowan wrote: >> >>> >>> I think the other posting about handles has merit as well: pots have >>> two handles by default, whereas pans have one or none at all. >> >> >> >> I think two-handledness provides a useful prototype for thinking of pots, >> but I've certainly seen, and use, pots with one handle (of the kind found >> on a pan - a long "stem"). These tend to be smaller pots, though, since >> a single stem handle become increasingly unmanageable as the size of the >> - and the weight of its contents when full - increases. I have a fairly >> large, heavy pot that has one handle, and it's not something that could >> be mistaken for a (say, frying) pan. > > > Those are called saucepans.
They are called that by some(*), which is what this thread has been about. (*) To be more precise: not by all. Saucepans..! Cupboards..! Sassenachs!! :) -- Stephen Mulraney Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils -- Hector Berlioz