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Re: Some info on Ulm on the web

From:Quentin Read <quonton79@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 1, 2003, 23:19
Hod uv Nokta Kanto klid:
> I like Ulm. It has a nice sound. > > Is there any particular reason that "th" was written > with the crossed d > rather than the thorn? I'm not used to it yet since > I've seen that character > used to represent /D/. > > >The most important words are the seven auxiliary > verbs, used to determine the > >basic sense of a phrase or sentence. > > I do a similar thing in Harpelan, although the > auxiliaries carry different > information. Can verbs be written without an > auxiliary, and what does that > signify?
The th character is the Icelandic "eth" where it represents the th sound of then - I like the way it looks and it gives it a Germanic-like feel, like the umlaut letters that basically correspond to German. The verbs as yet cannot be written without an auxiliary ("auxiliary" is the correct terminology, isn't it?) -Q. Read __________________________________________________ Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! Mail Plus - Powerful. Affordable. Sign up now.