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Re: SV: Re: Enterprise

From:Michael Fors <micke@...>
Date:Friday, January 24, 2003, 20:36
Michael Fors wrote:
> Really?? I thought that languages that have a very vivid body > language, like Italian (I know some people that attended a small > course in Italian body language some years ago), also said something > with those movements. So I do not agree that all human languages are > monomodal. That is, if I've understood you correctly of course. :)
Well, they're not strictly part of the language. That is, you wouldn't have words or sentences distinguished by body language. One conlang I read about used body posture along with words to distinguish between multiple (usually similar) concepts. For example, "leibe", depending on which posture was used, could mean "difficult", but with other postures could be more "running down" or "age". Okey! Now I understand what you mean. :) /Micke