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Books for conlangers

From:轡虫 (kutsuwamushi) <snapping.dragon@...>
Date:Friday, September 9, 2005, 11:17
I'd like to compile a list of book recommendations for conlangers, and
I could use your help. I'm thinking of two categories:

1) Introductions to linguistics for beginners
(General introductions and more advanced introductions to specific
topics like phonetics, case, or whatever you find useful.)

2) Books that are good for inspiration
(Books like Mithun's _Languages of Native North America_ or _The
World's Writing Systems_, which contain a lot of information on more
than one language. Books that are about specific language families,
like _The Slavonic Languages_, would be good too.)

Any comments you have on the books would be great, because I can't
afford to review them all myself. =) If I compile enough
recommendations, I'll upload the list to my website and share the

(If someone else has done this, I wouldn't be surprised, but I haven't
seen anything like it yet...)

Kate Sherwood


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