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Re: Relay

From:Dan Seriff <microtonal@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 30, 2001, 18:01
bjm10@CORNELL.EDU wrote:
> > But at the end, when the final is assembled, a smooth English translation > taken direct from each conlang would be needed? I would hope so, since > this would make it much easier to track the chain of change. That is, > while going from Asprach to Blangue would be as direct as possible, after > this is done, the creator of Blangue would likewise have a "smooth > English" version prepared and ready for the final assembly but not send > it to the next guy in the relay?
Exactly, yes. Don't lose it, like I did last time! I had to reconstruct the whole thing in less than a day. :) -- Daniel Seriff Futharusào li utsoto wi pæthong, raskèsào lang li! Si me iterum insanum appelles, oculum alterum tuum edem.