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Re: Modifications to Lunatic Survey

From:Herman Miller <hmiller@...>
Date:Monday, September 28, 1998, 1:57
On Sun, 27 Sep 1998 18:21:07 -0400, Tim Smith <timsmith@...>

>At 12:04 PM 9/25/98 -0400, Sally Caves wrote: >>Thank you David... that was wonderful! I need to add a few questions >>to the list... one of them is the important: what is the name of your >>conlang and in a nutshell, what are its most important features? > >As I said in my response to the original survey, I don't have just one >conlang, but a lot of projects in various stages of development. Most =
>them don't even have names.
Same here, although most of mine have at least tentative names. My most recent project is called Hlererhoi, although I don't have enough written yet to talk about. It may end up going nowhere, like most of my previous sketches. Jarrda is the major language that I've been working on over the last = year. The basic idea of Jarrda is to avoid being a clone of English by = designing it from the point of view of an alien society. Although the background of Jarrda has changed, I currently envision it as the language of a mixed-species society of furry people and fairies living on a planet of = the star Procyon. Other significant languages I've worked on include Olaetyan (my first language, spoken by humans from a planet in the Gamma Pavonis system), Cispa (the primary language of the Mizarian rat-people), Zirinka (one of the languages of the Zireen, small furry people from a planet called Reeshai), Zharranh (the language of the Kireethin, another furry alien species), and Eklektu (an experimental language whose vocabulary is = derived from a number of different natural languages from around the world). I also designed the Gargoyle language and writing system featured in the computer game _Ultima VI: The False Prophet_. A description of Gargish, = as the language is informally called, is on the Origin Worlds Online = archive: