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Re: Modifications to Lunatic Survey

From:/Joe Mondello <rugpretzel@...>
Date:Monday, September 28, 1998, 4:48
Sally sez:
>what is the name of your conlang and in a nutshell, >what are its most important features?
Siniuz is in basic vocabulary a euroclone. outside of this it is mostly populated[?] by words denoting abstract concepts and feelings and phenomena that I experience frequently [eg. baois: The inclination to acknowledge the sources of ones own ideas when it is possible that someone to whom they are speaking could guess this source. [If there is a question about General Grant on Jeopardy and I bring up General Grant in conversation the next day, I feel the baois to aknowledge that this is my source lest someone think I am trying to pass off trivia I recently acquired as actual preexisting knowledge.] The grammar is flexible. An english sentence can be translated into Siniuz in either a completely isolating sentence or an almost completely agglutinating manner. There is a system of 8 optional cases presently in use [nominative, accusative, dative, genitive, locative, benefactive, Agentive and Instrumental] as well as optional conugations of verbs for number, person or gender of agent. as a general rule primary prepositions are put before the verb and are optionally prefixes. eg: she throws it over the net al le surtir le reti she it-Acc over-throw the net-Dat If the final consonant[s] of a verb are unvoiced, then the verb's preterite form is simply the verb with this/these final consonant[s] voiced. I fight you puc-o-t' fight-I-you I'll fight you(very familiar, extreme friends or siblings) puc-r-o-ch' fight-will-I-you I fought them puG-o-z' fought-I-them At the moment this is all that can be said for Siniuz. pacs precs [peace within-reason] Joe Mondello