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[Fwd: [occidental] Theory and Reality]

From:Robert J. Petry <ambassador@...>
Date:Tuesday, October 13, 1998, 17:47
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I am translating the following from Occidental into Rap Lin Rie and
English.. However, I wonder how many construct their languages based
on the idea that a language is not just rules of grammar and
vocabulary. But, a language also has connection to the custom, the
analogies, &  psychology of the language users?

Al l sue,

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Subject: [occidental] Theory and Reality
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From: "Robert J. Petry" <ambassador@...>

One often cites Occidental among the "natural" systems of
International Languages, on the other hand Esperanto, etc,. pertains,
one says, to the "artificial" projects. This classification is not
totally right, especially not according to today's state of our
movement, when the idea of naturalism has impressed itself in the
heads of non-esperantistic world linguists.

The adherents of Volapu"k, Esperanto and Ido, for example,  have
considered  such language as apt for international communications
solely upon one thing above all things,  that they are very "regular"
and "logical".

But, as the protagonists of the naturalistic systems have shown many
times, (see also "Exceptiones e li vive" de J. Proro'k, nr 43) an
artificial language should be a living language when it enters into
usage, and then it is subjugated to her laws. But in life rigid rules
of abstract logic do not dictate, but the biologic laws: custom,
analogy, psychology, etc.

[to be continued]

see lingue list at:
for the Occidental text.

And, the RLR text will soon be posted to:

Al l sue, e Amico,
Bob, x+

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