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active, passive, homo, heet.....eeek

From:christopher carter <cscfon@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 18, 2001, 9:02
Thomas Wier wrote:

People don't particularly care what sexual partner you take, as long as
it's not, like, your cousin or anything. ... Homosexuality is treated much
like it is in modern Brazil or Ancient Greece: you're a homosexual if you're
in "passive" position, not if you're in "active".


Andreas wrote:

And being classified as a "homosexual" has what effect? Do ordinary folks
look down on the "passive" ones?


Joe Hill  wrote:

My language has no passive sentences.   I can't seem to translate it was
called into and active sentence...


Maarten wrote:

Do you mean you want to convert the phrase "it was called" into an active
phrase? It might be a little hard, since "to be called" in the current
meaning is inherently passive in English. However, other languages have an
active verb for naming things.

E.g. in dutch, we use the verb "heten" to name things.

"Ik heet Maarten"= "I am called Maarten"


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Okay MY turn
What is all this passive/active stuff? Can Phalaeran with it's open views on sexuality toward "passiveness" help Joe's language become "active"? Why is Maarten suggesting the word 'heet' to help create an active state? Is the word's etymology by chance related to 'heterosexual'? Does that make "active" Phalaeren men more straight? But the real question.... does that mean that Maaretn ('Ik heet Maarten') is indeed "active"? Okay my silliness is over. Chris Ka sy u stranje dikUv, pao Zoy dad ao luefuts. _________________________________________________________________ MSN Photos is the easiest way to share and print your photos:


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