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Re: colorless green ideas

From:Herman Miller <hmiller@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 1, 2008, 2:40
taliesin the storyteller wrote:
> * Herman Miller said on 2008-09-29 04:32:54 +0200 >> Going through old Tirelat documentation, I ran across a >> translation of "Colorless green ideas sleep furiously". >> >> Zharshai zimi xhula jazezijan xhazarpini. >> >> I compared this with my recent translation of "Colorless green >> dreams sleep furiously" for CALS. >> >> Saj žarĕšaj ziimi žaadi żazaŕpini vyzëzišaj. >> NOM.PL colorless green dream furiously 3p-sleep-AOR > > Not a lot left of the old language... Zharshai = žarĕšaj, > zimi=ziimi, xhazarpini=żazaŕpini and that's it? People have been > doing the same with Tolkien's languages. Who was it that said > that conlangs aren't alive? If the conlanger keeps tinkering > they're as alive as anything :)
jazezijan = vyzëzišaj, but that's less obvious; the root is zezi / zëzi. A literal equivalent of "jazezijan" is "jĕzëzijan", but the second time around I translated it differently from English. The choice of the tense/evidential suffixes is one of the tricky aspects of translating into Tirelat from English.