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From:Jeff 'japhy' Pinyan <japhy@...>
Date:Monday, January 27, 2003, 16:17
I've been looking at the Gray Wizard's description of "amman iar", which
includes a brief look at the types of morphophonetic changes that occur in
his language.  He shows examples of palatization, labialization,
nasalization, assimilation, and lenition, as well as "quirks" such as
vowel drops and consonant cluster shifts.

When developing my own conlang, what other "natural" changes should I be
aware of that can take place?  I know they are based on my language's
phonological constraints (there's no reason for "an" + "bir" to become
"ambir" if "nb" is a legal cluster), but what other types of modifications
should I look into?

As far as my Jedi project goes, I'll be setting up a web site for it soon.
I've come up with the "current" consonant and vowel sounds for the Jedi
dialect; I'll do the same for the Sith dialect soon.  Then I'll decide how
the protolanguage sounded, develop roots, and evolve them to the existing
corpus and whatever words spring from them.

Jeff "japhy" Pinyan
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