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Conlang baby-talk

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Monday, January 27, 2003, 16:26
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From: "John Cowan" <jcowan@...>

> ObConlang: What about baby talk in our conlangs? Anyone have any?
Funny you should ask that, John. I was just thinking about that last night as I was crooning to my cat and calling her silly names. I used to know a woman long years ago who called her cat "Choo Choo Train." At the time, it seemed utterly ridiculous to me: "come here, my little choo choo train." I knew it wasn't logical (the cat in no way behaved like a steam engine or a train). Later I wondered if it was an extension of French "chou," "mon chou," which often gets extended to "chou chou"-- which in an Anglophonic environment could get extended to "choo choo train." Christophe could probably expand on this! What is French baby talk like? I called my cat "pooch" for a while, because she acted so much like a dog. This got changed to "booch," and then to "boochous," and then to "spoochous." Utterly ridiculous. I decided that, like choo choo train, my Teonim would pick up on this and influenced by the French word "bouche," would make bo~carem their word for "kiss," and bo~c "kiss." bocis (pronounced boochis) would be kissable, loveable, sweet, adorable, ooey gooey, and "bocis spocis" would be a term of icky endearment for babies and puppies, and what have you. As for humans kissing in Teonaht, well... <G> I've been trying to make up a Teonaht lullaby, with nonsense words and extensions upon hwendl, which means "infant," "baby." Hwendl-wet, ywet ywet. Edrimaf, hal wendl! That's as far as I've gotten. Sally


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