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OT-ish Conlang Census (cont.)

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Friday, January 23, 2004, 13:32
Additional addenda:

15. Birthday--
23 May 1934 (that was 1 ç 1 702 on Cindu)

l6.Conlanging since--
age 14-16 (late 40s). Gap. Kash conceived in 1976, developed with hiati
during the 80s. Gap. Perfected :-) and codified since 1999, thanks to the

17. Other hobbies--
Read a lot, occasionally write, mostly poetry; cuisine/oenology -->
eating/drinking; architecture/house building/remodelling <--> interior
design/antiques; others XXX that need not be discussed here.

18. Favorite music/artists--
Music: classical, from Perotin to Pärt.  Bach rules. All the piano greats; I
can play some of the slower pieces.   50-ish "modern" jazz esp. Mulligan and
Brubeck.  Tangoes and Brazilian pop; American pop (Coward, Gershwin, R&H)
taste arrests in 1950, revives somewhat with Beatles/60s era, very little
Art:  I tend toward the surrealistic.  Michael Parkes e.g.(google) but one
can't afford him........

19. Favorite book--
A tie between "Left Hand of Darkness" and everything by Borges.  2nd place
probably Merrill's "Changing Light at Sandover" (long novel-like poem). Lots
of Pablo Neruda. Not really a fave, but re-read many times: Toynbee's "Study
of History", mainly for its awesome amount of data (even where out-of-date).
Reduced me to tears: D.M.Thomas' "The White Hotel"-- horrific episode of the
Babi Yar massacre, and the heart-rending final chapter (all the Holocaust
dead magically revived, wandering in the Negev).  The recent TV production
of "Angels in America" also had its tearful moments, esp. the Kaddish
scene-- when I saw the play in NYC in 1994, many in the audience joined in
the recitation. Very affecting.

20. How'd I get to the list?
First thing I did when I got on-line in 99 was search for "invented
languages"; that led to the Langmaker list, and in early 2000 Pablo Flores
pointed me here, and here I stay.

This msg took a long time to compose, due to 3 unexplained losses when I hit
"Enter"-- yes that bug is still with me, along with many more.  Poor
computer needs a trip to the doctor.  Also a time-out venturing out into the
snow (8 in. so far) and cold (5 F) for supplies

If anyone has read this far-- what is the name and URL of the Star Trek
"metaphoric language"?.  I found it once, long ago, and it was mentioned a
week or so ago here.  I want to come up with comparable things for Kash;
perhaps those aliens are part of the bunch that contacted them..........

Roger, the sun that brief December day.


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