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Watakassi month-names

From:Nik Taylor <fortytwo@...>
Date:Saturday, December 11, 1999, 22:59
I've worked out the month names for Watakassi'.  Jeffery Henning, could
you add these names to the Nundin entry I gave you?

Okay, here they are, with translations

1.  Wakalla' (Newness) - First month of Spring
2.  Wafsafi'i (Births)
3.  Waplikkaswila'si (Growing) - also the name for Spring
4.  Waflaaza'i Wafklu'swi (Long Days)
5.  Wafpasgala'i (Declarations)
6.  Wagudya'la (Mating)
7.  Wakaisu' (Heat) - also the name for Summer
8.  Watikasi' (Middle)
9.  Waplikyawi'n Wata' (First Dying) - Waplikyawi'n is the name of Fall
10. Waplikyawi'n Waka'bi (Second Dying)
11. Waflaaza'i Wafpi'fii (Short Days)
12. Wapuusafi' tiKazya'naf (Sun's Rebirth)
13. Wadyaguutta' (Cold) - also the name for Winter
14. Waplikaviklu' (Choosing)
15. Watikala' Wata' (First Oldness)
16. Watikala' Wakabi' (Second Oldness)

The sixteenth month is a leap month, in short years, 15 is only called
Watikala'.  (Long years are about one in four years)

Five of the months were simply named after the seasons they occured in.

Since the Natives have specific mating seasons, and thus birthing
seasons, that explains the names of months 2 and 6.

Month 5 is the month in which the females who are allowed to breed
declare who may mate with them.

Month 14 is the month in which the Elders choose who may breed, hence
the name.

The other month-names should be self-explanatory.

Vernal equinox always occurs in the first month
Summer solstice usually occurs in month 5, but may be late month 4
Autumn equinox occus in late 8th/early 9th month
Winter solstice usually occurs in month 12, but may be early month 13
1/3/14/4/14/21, 21st day of Waplifaviklu'
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