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Re: OT: OT : Qwerty variants (was: Re: Re: OT: Dvorak keyboard layout)

From:Sarah Marie Parker-Allen <lloannna@...>
Date:Sunday, February 2, 2003, 19:48
The standard Micro$oft Russian keyboard is totally off of the English one.
I plan to eventually buy an official keyboard, but until I get that or the
stickers it was going to be next to impossible to remember which keys were
which (some of the letters are on punctuation keys, even; Russian has more
than 26 letters).  Solution?  I went and downloaded a phonetic keyboard
layout and replaced the one in my Windows folder.  Now all I have to
remember are a few letters (sh, chsh, yu, eh, yo, the soft and hard signs)
that aren't on letter keys at all, and three or four that aren't on the key
you'd expect (y -- the upside-down n with a hat, as we said in my first
Russian class -- is on j).  Raised my typing speed significantly.

Sarah Marie Parker-Allen

"I will never buy an apple from peddlers plying their craft in remote places
where the customer base could not possibly support a full-time merchant." --
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> -----Original Message----- > Behalf Of Dan Sulani
> > Tell me about it! I am typing this on a standard Israeli > "qwerty" English/Hebrew keyboard. (Changing from lang to lang > in Israeli word-processors merely involves a mouse click or two > --- you don't have to change programs, let alone keyboards.) > The problem is that _both_ the English and the Hebrew letters > are printed on the same key: English in black, Hebrew in red. > What really messes up your mind is that the letters on the keys > do not correspond from lang to lang: for example, > Hebrew /s/ is found on the English "x" key; > Hebrew /d/ is found on the English "s" key and so on. > Even punctuation marks are not always on the same keys. > I suppose that this is done to reflect the different frequencies > of occurrence in the two langs. But still ... > I just finished typing something for work in Hebrew > and now I am having a bit of a problem switching back to > English typing! As I write this I am mentally "stuttering" > and typing it slower than usual! > >
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