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Nue Spelling Inglish & "Twenti-Fifth Sentch'ri Inglish"

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Saturday, May 11, 2002, 9:47
~§~  an egzampl ov Nue Spelling Inglish:

    Forskor and seven yeerz agoe our faadherz braut forth on dhis kontinent a
nue naeshon, konseevd in liberti, and dedikaeted to dhe propozishon dhat aul
men ar kreeaeted eekwal. Nou we ar en.gaejd in a graet sivil wor, testing
whedher dhat naeshon soe konseevd and soe dedikaeted, kan long enduer. We ar
met on a graet batlfeeld ov dhat wor.

    --- quoted from
_The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language_,
2nd Edition, edited by David Crystal, 1998 reprint.

~§~  from C. M. Kornbluth's short story "Time Bum" (from _A Mile Beyond the
Moon_ [1953]):

        TAIM KOP NABD:
Patrolm'n Oskr Garth 'v thi Taim Polis w'z arest'd toodei at hiz hom, 4365
9863th Strit, and bookd at 9768th Prisint on tchardg'z 'v Polis-Ekspozh'r. Thi
alejd Ekspozh'r okur'd hwaile Garth w'z on dooti in thi Twenti-Furst
Sentch'ri. It konsist'd 'v hiz admish'n too a sit'zen 'v thi Twenti-Furst
that thi Taim Polis ekzisted and woz op'rated fr'm thi Twenti-Fifth Sentch'ri.
Thi Proskyoot'rz Ofis sed thi deth pen'lti will be askt in vyoo 'v thi heinus
neitch'r 'v thi ofens, hwitch thret'nz thi hwol fabrik 'v Twenti-Fifth

~~~ quoted in
 _Aliens and Linguists: Language Study and Science Fiction_
by Walter E. Meyers, 1980.

Hanuman Zhang
"When you lose a language, it's like
dropping a bomb on a museum." ~ Kenneth Hale

en legoset _ creolego _ =
    ¡ gwerra sumtotall-morda legotaxo!
    ¡ banc poli en-haz legoplex !  creo legoplex !

trans-litteral-slice-ation into English:

in Creo-Lego word-set  <vocabulary>:
    War word-system sum-total(all)-death !  <combat/fight linguistic
    Save multiple in-hazard language{s}!  Create language[s]!


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