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From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Monday, January 14, 2002, 22:03
Over the past month or so, I've been composing the Kash Syntax page for my
website, using Wordpad-- it was up to 100KB-plus.  Over the weekend, somehow
(too long to include my speculations), about 2/3 of it GOT LOST and can't be
found (with my zero skills).  Is there any, Oh, any, way to find the lost
portion?  How do those clever folks at the FBI find things in peoples'
computers, that they didn't even know were there?   Is there any hope? (I'm
told, no).  Reply off list.

In any case, I've begun re-writing, but how depressing.....(ObConlang:

Another less crucial question:  often when I first go to my e-mail program
(Outlook Exp.)  I get an illegal operation message (usually RASAPI32,
sometimes WINHOOK (??)), which closes me down, and I have to start over...
Boring. What's up with this?   I might mention that a while ago I had to
take the computer in for a problem-- it was corrected after they cleaned out
a lot of cat fur and dust.  My housekeeping habits have not improved.  Maybe
time for another cleaning?  Or a new computer? (This one is almost 3 years

There has also been an occasional problem with the computer not waking up
from Standby.  Why?  In any case, today the computer informed me that it
could prevent me from using Standby, and I said OK.  Oh the wonders of