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list freezes

From:David G. Durand <david@...>
Date:Monday, January 14, 2002, 19:21
Well, for the first time in a very long while, I've exercised the
arbitrary authority of a listowner, and returned conlang to its
original message limit of 100 messages a day. I had set it to 200
over a vacation some time ago, so that the list would not need
FREEing and then I never got around to resetting it.

My recent attempts to read conlang, the high proportion of random
chat to even remotely conlang-related material, and conversation with
a number of now-gone old-time contributors have persuaded me to go
back to the old limit.

100 messages a day is not a tight budget, and hopefully will
encourage a return to the slightly more reflective tone of conlang's
origins. That limit worked for many years, and the list is not
significantly larger now.

I did this partly because the traffic had been slow for a few days --
of course, it instantly spiked up (school schedules?), and I was on
the road in the UK, so I wasn't aware that it needed to be freed
until recently, when I did it.

I'll free it a few more times because of the backlog. It is supposed
to free itself after 24 hours, but that doesn't seem to be working --
I will try to fix this. Because of the high traffic I recommend not
discussing this issue on the list, but I will listen to objections
sent to me personally. It's going to take overwhelming support to
change my mind though (and measured against total subscribers, not
just visible members).

Currently, FYI, the list has about 330 members at the moment.

    -- David Durand

List Manager, formerly active member.


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