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Re: Trigger languages Re: Fur ther language development Q's

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 21, 2004, 21:44
Dan Saunders wrote:

> Do you know of anyway I could get that put into a larger nutshell? a > book > or a webpage or something? You have only whetted my thirst for knowledge > and > my searches on the internet prove futile. >
Not surprising; it's rather complex for the average web-page :-(( Most discussion is likely to be in journal and conference articles, devoted to Austroneian in general, Phillipine or Formosan languages in particular. If you have access to a really good Univ. or Public library, you might try to find --Schachter, Paul and Fe Otanes, Tagalog Reference Grammar; U.Cal. Press 1972 --John Wolff, Beginning Cebuano [Bisayan]; Yale U.P. 1966-- a teaching grammar, but Wolff is pretty good at explaining things. It's fair to say that Tag. and Bis. are _the_ models for systems of this type. --The journal "Oceanic Linguistics" publ. by U. Hawaii, and in particular: Paz B. Naylor 1975, "Topic, focus and emphasis in the Tagalog verbal clause", OcL 14:12-79 And the Bloomfield I just mentioned: --Leonard Bloomfield, 1917, Tagalog Texts with Grammatical Analysis. Studies in Lang. and Lit. Vol. 3, U. of Illinois The SIL Ethnologue site has lots of bibliographic info, but it's often difficult to find in their own publications or obscure/local journals. But they've done lots of work in the Philippines over at least the past 50 years.