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HTML in JL's msgs. (was Re: Trigger language?

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Saturday, January 25, 2003, 0:34
James Landau wrote:
    In a message dated 1/23/2003 9:40:57 PM Pacific Standard Time, yonjuuni@EARTHLINK.NET writes:
        >>Are you aware that you're sending HTML mails?  It makes it impossible to
        directly reply on some e-mail clients, such as Netscape 4, and I believe
        some clients have difficulty even reading them.
 >I send them through whatever my email response function on AOL uses. I dont
know why that should make it harder to respond than other people's mailboxes
should. At least it shouldn't be any more of a problem than anyone else who's
writing through AOL.
 Then there seems to be some variability in what AOL does. I've replied to some
of your messages and they come back to me in fine form. But the other day, I
used one of your msgs. (body deleted) to announce my kash date-time web stuff.
It came back to me full of gibberish. (Anyone else? There have been no nasty
comments so far.....)
 I used AOL for a brief time and never had problems. I think you do have to
tell it to --turn off-- HTML. This may mean you can't underline/italicize etc,
but that doesn't come through to me anyway. (I have MS Outlook Express,
severely limited and weird in lots of ways....)
 >As for the use of the HTML code for italics and underlining in some of my
posts, it shows up as it's supposed to in some browsers, and my computer is
treating the ones in which it doesn't show up as having their HTML intact, with
no special difficulty. Or are you having trouble responding even to the ones
where I DON'T use the HTML codes for italics?


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