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Lotsa small, small translations

From:taliesin the storyteller <taliesin@...>
Date:Sunday, March 21, 1999, 16:03
Previously unknown ta:ruven words get discovered nearly
every day now, so translations are becoming feasible. I'm
still working on "Flight" and the Babel-text, but at least
some of the shorter translation-excerices that has been sent
back and forth lately are (almost) done.

Throughout, I'll be using only one of the possible

Useful terms for tourists

!   kakspi
IMP kakspi
"kakspi, please"

(kakspi (the sweet and slightly narcotic nectar of the
kspia plant) is really too expensive to casually be bought
like this, but I haven't discovered the everyday-drink yet,
so... Furthermore, I've "cheated" on the imperative as I
haven't found the right morpheme yet.)

? g'adjaru
?    g'adja -ru
"Where's the toilet?"

(Just as for the imperative, I haven't found the morpheme
marking questions yet. "excrement" is <g'adjo> btw)

! =EF=EBkru sa=FE; =EFdjeqge
!   =EF-       =EB-  kru  sa=FE     =EF-       djeqge
"Don't shoot, I'm a tourist!"

(<sa=FE> is maybe a bit too high-style, <sa:a=FE> might be

=EBule=ECne ta:ruven
=EB-  ule=ECne     ta:ruven
NEG sing/speak taruven
"I don't speak taruven"

(A higher register of the above would be <=EBta:ruvenule=ECne>)

te tci ar:isu=EC; i: ger:ea
te   tci    ar:is -u=EC i:       ger:e -a
CONN friend pay   FUT 3sg.ANI+ rich  very
"My friend will pay. S/he is very rich."

(The CONN(ection)-clitic does for the ANI+ world what the
suffixed genitive does for the ANI-. Furthermore, like with
most verbs, the CONN has an implied 1sg party.)

The valentines-day translation

te   atei
CONN beloved
"my beloved"

sa=E9l    te=EC  us
1sg.EXP love 2sg.BEN
"I love you"

(Some verbs, the so-far called experiencers, acts as
complementizers, <te=EC> "to love" is one of them. Standalone
noun-phrases are marked for the BEN(efecative)/recipient.
<us> is of a higher register than <u:i=F0>)

[BTW: my basque contact says that the most usual way of
saying something a la. "I love you" is <maite zaitut>]

Winter-poem, version 1

te =FEan: 'ro:; te tari: 'ren:; te kri: 'eal;
te   =FEan: 'ro:    te   tari: 'ren:  te   kri: 'eal
CONN name winter2 CONN trade ending CONN gift sleep
"My name is winter. Cessation is my business. My gift sleep."

(There are two standard "winter"-seasons, the early, yet
unnamed one which is snowy, humid, temperatures in the range
+5 to -5 c, followed by <'ro:>, arid, windy, stormy,
temperatures well below -5 c and usually around -20 c.)