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Case problem in Nekiloti

From:Joel <jjh@...>
Date:Monday, August 12, 2002, 1:45
As most of you probably don't know, my newest language is Nekiloti.  It
hasn't had a lot of developmental work done on it yet.  I think I've
written one full sentence in it, for example.

I have a odd case thing happening.  Although it works, I need some help
clearing up some terminology.

I will quote directly, (with some spelling changes) directly from my

Nekiloti nouns have inflected case.  However, most cases are indicated
with word participles.

A Nekiloti noun can exist in pure nomitive form. (being a subject) or
accusative form or a mixture of one of those and a special form called
"effective".  Accufective and Nomifective.

E.g..  Cat gives hairball to mouse.
     Irk savoni eactus miacot vi.

Gives       cat        hairball     mouse            to.

Verb    nomifective   accusative   accusative     to case participle.

End quotation.

I am totally sure that there is a name for this system, and I just can't
find anything about it.  Also, I'm not even sure of the nomitive and
accusative cases are switched. :(  I can't remember anything about cases
unfortunately.  I would really appreciate someone helping me clear this
up.  In the mean while, work on Nekiloti continues, electronically, and
on the language.  Expect a website in a week or so!

Joel Heikkila
AIM: ilantor - never on it, sorry


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