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Re: M

From:tristan alexander mcleay <zsau@...>
Date:Saturday, July 7, 2001, 11:12
D Tse wrote:

 >>"They" with a singular verb might become acceptable as a gender-neutral
 >>third pronoun. Perhaps "he" and "she" might vanish entirely, resulting in
 >>an animate vs. inanimate distinction (they/it).
 >Of course, Microsoft Word 2000 spellchecker does not, at the moment, accept
 >the up-and-coming gender neutral third person singular reflexive
 >pronoun "themself" however. :)
Which really pisses me off, as for some reason Office won't let me add
new entries to my dictionary, complaining that i've got to many, even
though i've only got ten in there (I checked the file). I guess I could
add them manually, but i'm too lazy.
OTOH, I generally use Windows and thats it from MS. And I wouldn't use
Windows if my soundcard gave nice sound with Linux (gives sound, but its
either inaudible or crackly). I don't use any windows-only software, and
I *much* prefer WindowMaker to Windows...