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Lindiga vocabulary: "bolt"

From:Herman Miller <hmiller@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 26, 2004, 2:12
I'll focus on four main usages of "bolt": a kind of screw, a kind of
arrow, a flash of lightning, and a large roll of cloth. There's also a
verb meaning "to move suddenly" (like an arrow? compare "dart").

I don't think there's enough difference between a bolt and a screw to
have a need for two different words in Lindiga; the big difference is
that a bolt is fastened with a nut, not so much in the design of the
bolt. So both "screw" and "bolt" will be "virlek" ["fil`@k].

Similarly, "bolt" (as used with crossbows) and "arrow" are both "sik"
["Sik]. The verb "to move suddenly" is the similar-sounding "tikich"
["tSikiC], possibly influenced by "sik" but derived from a different source.

A bolt of lightning is "tlych" ["Ku\x].

Finally, instead of a specific word for a "bolt" of cloth, Lindiga will
have a general word for anything with a flat surface rolled up, like a
scroll, or a reel of film (but not a fishing reel, which would be a
"spool"). This is "mieng" ["mi@N].


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