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New on the block

From:Lionel Bonnetier <leo@...>
Date:Monday, August 20, 2001, 21:41
My name's Lionel. I live in Lyon, France. I used to
make con-langs/cultures/planets/species in my teens,
then forgot about all that for a decade, until the
virus stroke back lately.

I launched a weak attempt (on alt.language.artificial)
at inventing plausible pre-indoeuropean neolithic
languages (not based on Nostratic research though)
but it turned out to be much more hassle than I care
to stand.

So I've just settled on describing a totally
imaginary diachronic tree starting from the paleo-
or mesolithic and branching out up to post-human
societies not tied to a particular biology or

I have no material to show at this point, but I
wanted to say hello anyway :)



Dan Jones <feuchard@...>