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Re: USAGE: Finnish and English vowels (was: Adapting non-Latin scripts)

From:John Vertical <johnvertical@...>
Date:Saturday, May 27, 2006, 20:23
> > >A "trade-off". (Trade-ins completely replace one thing with another.) > > > > Uh? So how is a trade-off any different then? > >"Trade-off" is the one >that tends to get used figuratively.
OK, OK...
> > I have overengineering tricks for consonants up my sleeve, too; how >would > > analyzing [hAmp:u] as /hAn?pu/ sound? :D > >Well I think they do that for Japanese already...
That's where I got the idea. There is more to the issue, however, but I'll restrain myself.
> > I still think that the unrhotic vowel traditionally transcribed as /3:/ > > sounds closer to /@/ than any of /I E V/ do; and schwa behaves like a >long > > (unchecked) vowel anyway, since it can end a word. > >I'll point out that I'm probably confusing the issue by referring to >my native idiolect (...) at the end of utterances, Australians normally >render >/@/ as [6] or [a_"] ish, and post-tonic pre-velar/palato-alveolar >where you'd expect /@/ to show up, you get /I/, and /e/ just seems a >better fit in other contexts than any other vowel to my ear.
I see.
>Well, we're part-way there already!
>Youch, again :) > >-- >Tristan.
Nice list; youch indeed. You win one (1) free internet. John Vertical