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Addenda to Authoritative Early Lahabic Phonology

From:Anthony M. Miles <theophilus88@...>
Date:Thursday, June 8, 2000, 18:22
Submitted for approval:
Aspirated stops de-aspirate before a stop, nasal, or /z/.
Unaspirated voiceless stops become voiced before a voiced stop, a
nasal, or /z/.
Unaspirated voiced stops become a nasal of the same point of articulation as
the initial stop before a nasal.
b+m -> mm
d+m -> nm
g+m -> Nm
Unaspirated voiceless stops before another stop:
k+p -> pp k+t -> tt k+k -> kk
t+p -> pp t+t -> tt t+k -> tk
p+p -> pp p+t -> pt p+k -> pk
Unaspirated voiced stops:
b+b -> bb b+d -> bd b+g -> bg
d+b -> bb d+d -> dd d+g -> dg
g+b -> bb g+d -> dd g+g -> gg

An unaspirated labial or velar voiceless stop becomes voiced before /z/
An unaspirated labial or velar voiced stop becomes a fricative of the same
point of articulation before /z/
k+D -> gD  k+z -> gz
g+D -> QD   g+z -> Qz
t+D -> dD   t+z -> dz
d+D -> DD   d+z -> Dz
p+D -> bD
b+D -> VD
>B. Nasals
The sequence VN (N=nasal) becomes V: before /z/ EL /wouinuoozee/ 'range of hills' from /wouinouon- +zee/
>C. Others >1. Laterals >w=[w]-voiced labiovelar approximant
w diphthongizes a non-high simple vowel of the previous syllable when w is syllable initial, labiovelarizes the last consonant of the previous syllable if it is a stop, and vanishes if the last consonant of the previous syllable if it is a nasal or fricative.
>h=[h]-voiced glottal approximant.
/h/ aspirates a preceding stop.
>3. Fricatives
/z/ disappears before a voiced stop, with compensatory lengthening of the precending vowel.
>III. Transliteration Differences from Classical Labic >ei [ej,Ej] has been transferred to secondary [ej] (note that this > does >not include [Ej]) because primary [ej,Ej] has become [e:,E:]
The secondary diphthongs are [aI], [aU], [eI], [eU], [oI], [oU], although spelled the same. [y] shall be transcribed as ue, for clarity's sake.
>3. h disappears as an independent phoneme.
But is still used as a disambiguating place marker for a sequence of vowels that could otherwise be construed as a diphthong. ________________________________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free E-mail from MSN Hotmail at