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Computer woes

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Thursday, December 4, 2003, 17:07
Since returning Sun. night from my long weekend, during which the computer
was ABSOLUTELY OFF, all sorts of weird things have been happening.
Presumably, something got into the box when I logged back on Sun nite-- odd,
because's filter catches most viruses.

1. After dialing-up, my "my yahoo" home page no longer appears
automatically.  Instead, I get some kind of search thing called
"C:\Windows\hp.htm" or another similar one with a msn URL.  Then I have to
type in the my-yahoo URL, whihc slooooowly loads. Yes, I have gone to
Tools>Internet options and made my-yahoo the default (many times), but it
doesn't help.

2.Most annoying-- when reading/scrolling emails, at random times text gets
selected and won't un-select, text size changes, scrolling stops
periodically; for no reason at all today, up popped the "do you really want
to delete these messages" box.

3. Then, I'm getting a ton more pop-ups than previously (yes, I know, what
else is new?)...My ISP is offering a free popup eliminator (Popup Stopper,
from Panicware inc!), but I'm not sure........

Obviously, nothing crucial but very very annoying.  Any suggestions? To
which gods/spirits ought I to pray or make sacrifices? Stick pins in a wax
image? Would incense help, or a small daily food offering, as the Balinese
do? (Of course, I use a Windows system, so perhaps there's simply no


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