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Re: ENG. Spelling: Globish (Parallel English with neat spelling)

From:Remi Villatel <maxilys@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 27, 2004, 0:24
J Y S Czhang wrote:

> 17. Following symbols are proposed. a (a-american) aa (a-art) ae (a-apple) au > (aw-law) b (boy) ch (chair) d (dog) dh (th-they) e (egg) ee (eel) ei (eight) > f (fee) g (girl) h (he) i (it) j (jam) k (king) l (lamp) m (man) n (no) o > (open) oa (oa-goat) oo (oo- cool) p (pin) r (run) s (see) sh (she) t (toy) th > (thin) u (pull) v (victory) w (woman) y (yes) z (s-his) zh (s-measure). Here a, > aa, ae, au, e, ee, ei, i, o, oa, oo, u are 12 vowels and rest 23 are consonants. > A diphthong has 2 vowels in succession. For example, English (height) = > Globish (h + aa + i + t = haait). Dictionary listing will be based on sequence > abcde...yz. Note that most symbols (such as a, b, ch ) are already used for sounds > indicated above. Vowels (e, i, o, u) are short in duration, while (ei, ee, > oa, oo) are long in duration of breath. English (get, kin, no, pull, gate, keen, > note, pool) = Globish (get, kin, no, pul, geit, keen, noat, pool). Actually, > I would love to remove distinction between short duration and long duration > vowels. For instance, Globish (kin) would stand for both English (kin, keen). > Proper meaning is to be taken from context. That was proposed earlier, but is > revised looking to some responses.
parsanali, aai laaik globish veri mach bat aai think dhaet soam peepal wil dizagree widh dha hool aaidee:. bee priperd foar a kaaind oav trench woarfer! ;-) wau! noat so eezi tu spel dhaet simpal sentens! aai haed tu dabal-chek dha pranansyeishan oav evary ward in maai dikshanari:. Personally, I like Globish very much but I think that some people will disagree with the whole idea. Be prepared for a kind of trench warfare! ;-) Wow! Not so easy to spell that simple sentence! I had to double-check the pronunciation of every word in my dictionary. (And I'm sure there is still one or two mistake here and then.) An official bilingual English-Globish dictionary is definitively what is needed so I could check what I wrote. Besides, a bilingual dictionary is a better idea than to let someone on a distant desert island lost in the far north decide for over a billion people how they should write. ;-) Any way, I can hardly wait to see Globish in action. I like so much pseudo-phonetic spellings! Maybe in the headline of a newspaper? Farst maan oan Maars iz a wumaan! ;-) See ya, ================== Remi Villatel ==================


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