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Re: X-SAMPA confusion (sorry)

From:Tristan Mc Leay <conlang@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 24, 2004, 2:59
Isaac Penzev wrote:

>Henrik Theiling eskribiw: > > > > >>That's infixed. The problem is the order: ) is after the two sounds, >>and _ is in between. But binary diacritics in Unicode are always in >>between, not after the two components. >> >>Changing the order, one could translate both ) and _ to the same >>Unicode. >> >> > >If you think about machine conversion, that may be really a problem. But >AFAIK, CXS was designed for humans, not for computers. Let it remain like >this, IMVHO. >
Bah. <t_S> is no more 'computer friendly' than <tS)>. Sure, one's input is in the same order as its outputs are, but the other has symbols with only one value. Don't forget about /t_h/, which is just as good X-Sampa as it is CXS. Anyway, we're already looking one character ahead in many cases because we don't know till we've seen it if there's a '\' afterwards. (Though that doesn't elliminate the value of the <x)x> notation, but I wouldn't've put <xx)> in my chart in the first place if I thought it was for a minute difficult to do on a computer. CXS is meant for man and machine.) -- Tristan.


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