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CHAT: Romilly's Q. re: Synaethesia (was Re: OT CHAT: Asperger's syndrome)

From:Jonathan Chang <zhang2323@...>
Date:Saturday, June 24, 2000, 5:35
In a message dated 2000/06/24 03:45:54 AM, you wrote:

>Jonathan Chang wrote: > >> I have really strange one: synaethesia... I sometimes see certain >>"sounds" as neon-like colours (like after-images) in the fringes - >>periphery - of my field of vision. >> The musical terms _sound-colour_ and _timbral colouration_ have real >>deeper meanings to me. >> Prob'ly this why I am so much into sounds & music.> >
Romilly then writes:
> >An amazing gift. Are you familiar with Scriabin? I wonder if you would see >the same colors he did......
It is different everyday... I think it has to do with diet, stress or lack of stress, perceptual openness to it's "visual interference", etc.. & Yes, I am familiar with Scriabin, but like Messiaen more... My musical tastes tend to lean heavily to - shall we say - the Asian & the "semi-civilized" with a strong aesthetic preference for raw improvisation &/or "ambient" soundscapes) zHANg