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Asperger's Syndrome and French expressions in English

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Saturday, June 24, 2000, 3:07
To save list space, i've condensed down what I want to say right now into
one message.

On the Asperger's Syndrome thread.....

>> but it's very difficult to gain my friendship
It's been pretty easy to gain my friendship. All people have to do is start talking to me, and get to know me. I think i'm fairly approachable, and at least here in my University, i can get very chatty in class with classmates. I've not made deep friendships this way, but the people I've talked to i'd consider friends and not just aquaintences. Since my school is small I often see people from classes all over, and I say hi, so i dont feel lonely here. However, i have a small circle of close friends that I met my freshman year (three years ago!). They are the people i've gone to dinner with, hung out with, and gone to parties with. My circle is smaller this year since a few have graduated (oddly it's all my close guy friends now).
> > >> I had this passion for pair numbers when I was a little boy. I remember >me >> counting the steps from my house to my elementary school. Yet I >remember i >> always had to put the right foot before the left one when i entered a >new >> hall. >
I dislike symmetry, unless something has to have it. Formal gardens bore me, and patterns while nice dont really interest me. In fact, i dislike symmetry so much I tend to prefer to draw things that arent symmetrical, and have also designed my garden along the lines of naturalness. Numbers also tend to bore me....main reason i am no longer a science major :).
> >> Ok, me too. So you don't make jokes and you look the most boring person >in >> the world. That's what i feel. >
I tend to make subtle jokes that people dont realize i've made them for a while. I remember rcently, it took my politics class to get the joke i said one day: "Sport Utility Vehicles are for people who cant admit they need a minivan". I thought i had ruined the joke and sure enough, about 15 seconds later they all started to laugh at it. I actually enjoy making jokes here and there. My humor tends to be on the sarcastic side, though.
> > > >Compliments are another thing that are hard for me to accept, largely >due to an inferiority complex. I know it's irrational, but I often feel >like people only think I'm smart, that I'm a fraud, that I have no real >talent. So, when people compliment me, tell me I did a good job at >something, I tend to think they're just being polite, that they don't >really mean it.
It used to be hard for me to accept compliments. Now I take what I can get. I used to be embarassed about my drawings, but now I realize, yes my drawings are as good as people say they are (but that doesn't mean i think i'm the best, i know when i've been beat ;). On French Expressions in English:
>Really? Well, that's only one more. Now that I have cable TV, I can see a >few English-spoken programs in original version, and I'm quite surprised >by >the number of French expressions used in English! How many do you have?
Here's a few more, from "Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language": fille de joie - prostitute (we have a book on this subject here at home. My parents are cool :)) filles d'honneur - Maid of Honor (i dont think anyone uses this anymore, but it's in the language) objet d'art - an object of artistic curiousity (has a snooty designer feel to it) femme (fille) de chambre - chambermaid femme fatale - an especially attractive woman who often leads men into dangerous situations exposé - an exposure or revelation as of something discridtiable _________________________________________________________ This ain't a yes, this ain't a no, just do your thang, we'll see how it goes