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Re: OT: semiOT/NL: Buddhism, Pali Canon (wasRe: OT More pens)

From:Stone Gordonssen <stonegordonssen@...>
Date:Thursday, June 12, 2003, 16:36
> >>reports) or by the testimony of those who were eyewitnesses. The >writings > >>were _not_ the primary source to begin the Christian movement. > > > >Ditto with Siddhartha and BUddhism. > >Try telling that to the very rigorous scientific research that the >Theraveda Buddhists in Thailand and Sri Lanka conduct. They feel it is >important to
True, there are such researchers (though since the Buddha never wrote down his own words... ). I'm familar with the idea of original source, of course, though to my own mind, this comes a bit close to deifying Siddhartha. And I'm a bit familar with ghe Pali Cannon Society. However, I do not believe that the written word wa the main vehicle for adoption of the philosophy early on; I believe it has more sway now. And I am loathe to assume that, just because some writing is old, it must be right or at least more right that anything produced today. For me, they are but tools to my own awakening/enlightenment. _________________________________________________________________ Add photos to your messages with MSN 8. Get 2 months FREE*.