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R: Better landscapes; was: Italogallic in Zera, and other languages.

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 25, 2000, 16:54
Sally wrote:

> > OK, I like it - expecially because *I am* Lombardian. > > Are you in Lombardy now? Where are you? What do you see when you > look out your window? Okay, I'd love to know, all you continental > conlangers. I'm interested in going on a little trip. When I look > out my window in ROCHESTER NEW YORK USA I see >
1) Yup. 2) Brunate, Como, Lombardia, Italia. 3) It'd be difficult to describe, but, generally, I see my village on the other side of the dale where I live. Here it's generally quiet mild (winter average 1°C, summer 20°C and more), but it rains a lot every season. In winter, when the trees of my little wood have lost their leaves, and the wind blows, I can see till Monte Rosa, in Piedmont, which means a great part of Northern Italy. Luca