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Tnary and Tinauros

From:Lars Finsen <lars.finsen@...>
Date:Friday, December 19, 2008, 18:19
The Suraetuan town Tnary was replaced with a Urianian settlement
called Tinauros after its destruction by the Urianians. The first
change seems easy to explain, as the _tn_ must represent a phoneme
combination that's unknown in Old Urianian, and inserting a
prosthetic vowel I suppose is the natural thing to do. But turning
the long a of Tnary into a diphthong is odder, especially as Urianian
tended to simplify diphthongs. But the /au/ diphthong (like the /ai/,
but unlike the /ei/ and the /eu/) is preserved in Old Urianian, so I
guess it may be feasible. What I think happened is that the core
vowel of Tnary is drawn out into something like a diphthong already
in late Suraetua, possibly under the influence of the final rounded
phoneme, and that this was perceived as the /au/ diphthong by the
Urianians. I think there is some ANADEW for this sort of stuff.

Anyway, if I'm right, this gives me a hint on how to work furter with
Suraetua, to find how it changes into its modern descendant Muna.
There is endless fun with this material. If only there were unlimited
time available as well. At least I have some time off this weekend,
as I'm off to Gol to see a skating championship.