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From:Apollo Hogan <apollo@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 5, 2003, 19:01
Howdy all,

Here's some of the latest vocab translated into 'Chrol', for
your amusement.

I use X-Sampa in the [brackets].
Except I will short-cut:
        N = N\  L = L\
        r = r\  x = x\
        G = G\

On Sat, 19 Jul 2003, Christopher Wright wrote:
>[...] > 1. cream > Cats enjoy eating cream.
ngan KRYN kcvl nlvvl-grsak kgan gaxlax l6wkkvk' ACC "cream" PRES.ABS lick -WANTING ERG cat/dog/etc GEN.KNOW [ NgQN kr1N kt_S@L NL@:l grxQk kgQn gQRLQR LGMkk@k' ] ('cream' is not a typical concept for trolls, so here I just used the borrowed word, adapted for Chrol phonotactics.)
> 2. thin > This cat is thin, so he must not have eaten much of anything, much less > cream.
lelgyg-vl gchan gaxlax l6okkokh. small -PRES.ABS NOM cat 1H.VIS [ LELg1g@L gt_S_hQN gQRLQR LGokkok_h ] ngan c'aeaes qvj craeq-c'aeaes kgan gaxlax l6eccek. ACC NOTHING PRES.HYP eat -NEG ERG cat INFER [ NgQN t_S'a:x q@d_Z t_Sraq t_S'a:x kgQN gQRLQR LGEt_St_SEk] ngan KRYN qvj craeq-c'aeaes-c'aeaes l6eccek. ACC "cream" PRES.HYP eat -NEG -(REDUP) INFER. [ NgQN kr1N qQd_Z t_Sraq t_S'a:x t_S'a:x LGEt_St_SEk ] Whew, I'm too lazy to finish the rest, so that's all. Enjoy! --Apollo