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Re: Describing Morphosyntax

From:Joseph Fatula <fatula3@...>
Date:Saturday, May 24, 2003, 6:24
If you haven't purchased a copy of "Describing Morphosyntax" yet, I
recommend that you do so.  After hearing good reviews of it around here, I
ordered a copy.  It arrived two days ago, and I've been doing nothing since
then but going through old grammar files and spiffing them up.

The book is all about the task it's named for, describing morphosyntax.  So
if you're having trouble describing the morphology and syntax of your
conlangs, it's a great outline to work from.  Then it also suggests many
solutions to problems you might never have thought of, and describes some
problems you might not have realized existed.

It's not completely all-encompassing, after all, it only describes known
human languages.  Many of the features I've come up with for my conlangs
aren't anywhere in here.  But they've got some other ideas that are just as
weird, and often more useful.  (I still really like the ingeminate case,

So if you're about to buy another book on linguistics, may I suggest
"Describing Morphosyntax", by Thomas E. Payne.  And no, he's not sending me
any advertising fees.  It's just that good of a book.