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Re: CHAT: poofs and yanks

From:Eli Naeher <ishmael@...>
Date:Thursday, March 29, 2001, 23:57
There's Mia Soderquist, and there was a Diana Slattery.

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On Tue, 27 Mar 2001, Nik Taylor wrote:

> jesse stephen bangs wrote: > > Actually, the gender ratio on this list isn't terribly imbalanced, or at > > least it doesn't seem so to me. > > Well, the only females I can think of on the list are Yoon Ha, Sally > [who's not on the list at present], Irina, Nicole [is she still on the > list? I haven't seen anything from her lately], Karen [who seems to have > posted once in February, and not since], Laurie, Sylvia, Tristan (I > think that's a female name) ... and that seems to be it, eight total, > all the rest appear to be men.
Hey, I'm female. Although I think I've been rather quiet lately, I just end up reading things and not saying anything. Although I've been told 'Keolah' is a male Hawaiian name, no matter how much I insist that its Zarhian... And I'm bisexual and ambidextrous too. Hmm. -- Keolah Kedaire, who just got her wisdom teeth pulled last Friday. ------------------------------ This mobile message sent using PocketMail. Sign up for unlimited e-mail at


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