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Re: 5 phonemes, was: Another phonological extreme

From:daniel andreasson <daniel.andreasson@...>
Date:Sunday, July 23, 2000, 15:06

> > I actually tried E the other day at work. Although I changed it to > > Schwa. /@: @ @ @:::: @ @:: @/ It worked amazingly well.
> Details, please!!!
Ok. We got into talking about him speaking Dutch, since he'd been living there for four years. I asked him to demonstrate and then he spoke Dutch and I answered in Swedish. Quite funny since I don't know Dutch one bit, and not that much German either. Then I claimed that if we just could say /@/ (or rather /2/ since he doesn't know what a schwa is) it would probably work just as well. It went something like this: Me: "@ @ @:: @:: @ @ @@@@?" 'Did you fax this trade to our counterparty?' Co-worker: "@:" 'Yes.' Me: "@ @:: @ @@@ @ @:::: @?" 'And did you register it in Excel?' Co-worker: "@ @@ @::: @: @ @ @:::" 'Not yet, but give it to me and I'll do it right away.' Though I cheated a little by holding up the trade in question. And it wasn't to hard to guess what his second comment meant when he reached out his hand. I guess context is everything. :)
> > The more humorous one of my cow-orkers liked it. He also asked if > > I had a website and I had to show it to him.
> This one?
Yep. Or the redirect address Although the info on Rinya is completely out of date now. Daniel