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Re: Zetowvu / Ezotwuv

From:H. S. Teoh <hsteoh@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 25, 2003, 17:18
On Tue, Feb 25, 2003 at 12:54:16AM -0500, Roger Mills wrote:
> H.S.Teoh wrote: > > As far as natlangs go, Malay is one language that has prominent usage of > > [@\] (well, it's *the* language I got the idea of Ebisedian's /3/ from!), > > although I suspect it may be a mutation of an original [a]. You have words > > like /ada/ [a"d@\], /redang/ ["r@\daN], /teman/ ["t@\man], etc. > > In Indonesia, you'll get your wrists slapped for pronunciations like those. > Written final /a/ is [a] (ada); penult /@/ is unstressed-- besar [b@'sar], > teman [t@'man] etc. Though I think empat '4' has it stressed.
[snip] Well, the "official" Malay pronunciation always has [a] for final /a/, but that doesn't stop the majority of the younger generation from pronouncing it as [@] or [@:]. It's considered slang, of course, but they consider it trendy and "cool". And as a reaction to pedantic schoolteachers who always point out this "mistake", pronouncing final /a/ as [a] (esp. in regions around the capital city, KL) marks you as a hyper-correct, outdated person, just like people who still use "whom" in English. However, this was roughly a decade ago; things may have changed now. T -- EMACS = Extremely Massive And Cumbersome System