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Profain/Swear/Curse and words

From:Mike Adams <abrigon@...>
Date:Friday, September 29, 2000, 16:56
We need to remember, even if the modern English speaking world forgets,
that Swear, Profainity, Curses and like nasty words are actually
different things.

Swear is more like swearing an oath, "I swear by the blood of St. Olaf,
I will win" is swearing, and it was frowned on cause often the swearing
was not for good reasons, but to appease some God or Godling.

Profainity was like if I remember right was for using the lords name and

like holy beings/things in vain.. "God Damn" by itself is profain.

Cursing was more like "God Damn you to hell" was a curse, to lay a curse

on you.

There is others.. And there is also the use of body parts, and
especially acts of a private nature, like defication, and like acts..
"Shit on you", or "bugger off"..
Might also he's a "Wanker" be a form of this or ..

Correcting me is expected.


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