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Paper v. Electronic (< A proposal to bring together the conlang communities)

Date:Sunday, January 27, 2008, 2:34
> [] On Behalf Of Sai Emrys
> On Jan 26, 2008 5:40 PM, <li_sasxsek@...> wrote: > > I'm on the opposite side of that. I'd much prefer something > > electronic, but at least professional in appearance.
> > downloadble in PDF format would be great. Then those that > > really need the paper version could just print it out. > > These aren't exclusive, mind. > > If anything, I think the trend in modern academic journal
> is to go dual-mode; combined with the likelihood of our using
> kind of print-on-demand due to volume, I would take a
> approach and offer both formats - but to have things look like
> formal, paper journal.
You can always post them on Lulu for purchase if someone wants it in book form. You might even make a dollar or two to support "the cause" in the process.
> FWIW: I actually download and print research articles when I
want to
> read 'em seriously (eg stuff on cogneuro), despite being
> very digitally inclined. Current display tech simply isn't as
easy on
> the eyes as paper, and I like to be able to write notes in
> sometimes.
I agree that paper is easier on the eyes, especially now that I'm nearsighted. I don't generally write notes, but prefer to copy and past information into another document formatted to my liking. Another reason I prefer electronic media.
> I expect that to change within ten years, but even techophiles
like me
> can enjoy the old method too. ;)
Again, there's always a printer handy if I need hardcopy. OT: That reminds me, I need to get more toner.
> It also raises one potentially controversial question: cost.
> I think that we all would want to ensure that it's easily
> to everybody (including people who can't easily afford
> journal costs)... but also bluntly, I know that a journal
would be one
> of the (very few) ways that the LCS can make money. And our
> currently is very tight; to be able to do some of the things
we'd like
> to, we'll need more revenue.
There's always the option of on-demand publishers like It costs nothing to sign up and they will publish and ship single copies.