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Tasratal: revised phonology romanization

From:Yoon Ha Lee <yl112@...>
Date:Thursday, October 25, 2001, 22:50
[p]       [t]       [k]
[P]  [f]  [s]  [S]  [x]
      [pf] [ts] [tS]
[m]       [n]       [N]

Thanks for all the suggestions!  I don't have time to reply individually
right now; I just got my computer back from repairs.  :-p

New romanization scheme that uses the Roman alphabet more efficiently:

p     t     k
b  v  s  x  q
    f  z  c
m     n     g

I decided to go with BP Jonsson's <v> for [f] and <f> for [pf], then threw
in <z> for [ts] as well.  Yay Deutch.  :-)  (Previously they were <f>, <pf>
  and <ts> respectively.)

(Funny how German influences slip into my conlangs...)

I switched to <b> for [P], <q> for [x], <c> for [tS].  (Previously <ff>,
<xx> and <tx> respectively.)  Thanks to Jeff for this one.

I've rethought the phonotactics: [pf], [ts] and [tS] might as well appear
anywhere a consonant can in the (C)V(C) syllable-scheme.

(And yes, to answer someone's question, the <g> for [N] was inspired by
Japanese, specifically "ichigo"--I love strawberries.)

Yoon Ha Lee

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