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Nasal oddities (again!) + new language

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Saturday, February 19, 2000, 16:28
Ed Heil <uncorrected@...> wrote:

>I wonder if, like the trolls Pat Dunn studied, they >will turn out to have 'eructative' phonemes, produced >by belching?
Oh, no, they're more of the "evil" type, not the "disgusting" type. They belch, of course, and with great mastery and evident pleasure, but not phonemically. :) The language has a twisted external history, BTW (just taking the chance to present it!). As some of you may remember, some time ago I was playing with Wamen, a very Japanese-like language spoken by the inhabitants of Dahai. This place and its society took part in a role-playing game (based on the concept of Interactive History, which I'm told was born in the Aria game system, but here adapted to Fudge rules). I decided to let them be for a while, and they were just invaded by this nasty Army of Darkness (which was not my invention). I was invited by the gamemaster to direct the survivors, or the conquerors, or both. I chose both, so now I have to name the trolls, orcs, men, and half-men that invaded the land of Dahai. A language was not *required* (the game doesn't need it), but I couldn't resist the temptation of showing off my skills ;) and I made up a phonology and a skeletal grammar on the spot. --Pablo Flores