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Re: OT: /x\/ (was: English and front rounded vowels)

Date:Thursday, December 13, 2007, 14:59
> [] On Behalf Of Benct Philip
> > Wouldn't that be parallel to the English shift from /x/ to > > /f/ in words like 'laugh'? > > Yes, or rather the Russian /f/ for Greek /T/ -- substituting > a native phoneme for a foreign one in a way which strikes > other foreigners used to another substitution funny: we > expect /s`/ pro /x\/, so /f/ is funny, Germans expect /t/ > pro /T/, so /f/ is funny.
[f] for /T/ is known in dialects of English like Cockney. What is interesting about /T/ is how some L2's will say [t] and others [s].


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