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Workshops Review #23

From:Isaac Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Sunday, June 8, 2003, 11:58
REVIEW #23, the week from June 01 to June 07, 2003

Amerind Conlangs:
No activity since 4/18. WAKE UP, ppl!

31 msgs.
Kerno [Padraic Brown] grammar sketch. Joe presents his first a posteriori
conlang: a heavily Q-Celtic-influenced Germanic language - descendant of Old
English. The etymology of the word "dwarf". Traditional forms and Tolkienisms.
Xeno-zoo: mammoths, giant sloths etc.

East Asian Conlangs:
15 msgs. Boheme, issue two, is now online:
Artistic potential of Esperanto. Bauhinese [Eamon Graham] grammar is expected


60 msgs.
- Vegliot glossary (already from A to R) by John Fischer (c)1976 Associated
University Presses - sent to us by Adam Walker.
- A translation exercise: Babylon5 - in Carrajina [Adam Walker], Modern Jovian
[Christian Thalmann], Wenedyk [Jan van Steenbergen]. Numbers in Fortunatian
[Theophilus Habarakhe] - different sets of Latin, Etruscan and Guanche origin.
The etymology of Spanish 'Usted'; formal pronouns differ in person in various
European natlangs. Capraian - a new conlang idea by James Campbell.
- Wenedyk lexicon is online now at
- Jovian dictionary online is available at


1 msg - When will we hear about Proto-Uralic personal pronouns?

West Asian Conlangs:
3 msgs. Guanche Numerals in Fortunatian [Theophilus Habarakhe].

Ðat is alls for todaig,
med allen goden wuisches,
    -- Yitzik

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