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From:Matt Trinsic <trinsic@...>
Date:Sunday, June 8, 2003, 15:51
I love the Bulwer-Lytton contest. Just one question about your
translation, why did you render 'nubile' as 'sweet'?  I can almost see
calling someones feet sweet, but nubile is just ridiculous =)
And another entry for people to translate from last years contest.

  It was then that Caroline remembered her kitchen back in Montana, with
a stove that she might or might not have turned off, and so with a heavy
sigh, she put down the penguin.

Date:    Sat, 7 Jun 2003 23:12:27 +1200
From:    Wesley Parish <wes.parish@...>
Subject: Bic-itude Re: OT Nostalgic history of the pen (was   Re: Phoneme
          winnowing              continues

Just kibitzing!

As Kerash-shio-Uan would insist:

Ya tyerrakhani yhe beringoi iresa ya Kaa kei yhei watussi nazhyaoti aru yhe
      bound       the childwoman pretty Kaa  on the stick        cruel
nyaferauya Beast.  Fayatatweya yhe eikhayibzha aru Beast keralu kei teipua
male chief   Beast.  Piling         the uncivilized of Beast wood bits
on feet
kreya.  Ya ingarau yhe faivau ya yara ya ivhre aru Handsomas ya nyaferau ya
sweet.       Shouts the  voice      clear     strong of  H.
faitye, ne: ya biknai intchai, ya kreya infaitchai, ya nayimvhavhe yhe
poetic, "      your bic flick,       sweet    crisp          you'll feel
vhuarnaa khavhtinai ya orie!
my steel   to your prey  last

Notes: |beringoi| is "woman-child", this is tinged with wry humour to the
Lakhabrech, an adolescent who can't make up her mind.  |kreya| is a loan
Nu Aves Khara-Ansha, where it means beautiful, shapely - it is assumed that
it was borrowed the last time there was an influx of Nu Ineya Khara-Ansha
frightened of being left to die (or hunted down) when their Yhe Farr died
unexpectedly.  |nyaferau| and |nyaferauya| are rare words - |nyaferau| is
"male courage" and Lakhabrech being a biological matriarchy, are not used to
considering men courageous, aka heroic, while |nyaferauya| - 'male
is absurd when used with Lakhabrech - or so Kherash-shio-Uan insists - and
can hardly be used with the City Humans. because Lakhabrech don't consider
them as having any |ferau| - "courage" at all.

Wesley Parish


Wesley Parish <wes.parish@...>